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“Data centers & the cloud grew in the pandemic; so how do we grow the talent?”

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Leading Allies Of… Data Centers & The Cloud (Past Event)

De-Mystifying DE&I: Diversity In Our Digital Infrastructure

Our inaugural Summit in 2021 brought together professionals from across the globe to address how allyship as a driver for DE&I is essential to solving many of the challenges currently faced by the industry. Speakers includeded Microsoft, STACK Infrastructure, Aligned, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Genesys, F5, Compass Datacenters, Switch, PacketFabric, Iron Mountain, and more. The program delivered diverse & exceptional content, including:

  • Creative options for solving the talent shortage AND increasing diversity together
  • Alternative diversity roadmaps
  • Insights and allyship advice from industry leaders
  • Leadership advice
  • Industry Trends
  • Our Trailblazer Awards ceremony

Our Origins…

As passionate champions for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, when Fiona McKay (Leading Ladies Of…) & Shannon Hulbert (Opus Interactive) first met in March 2021 it was inevitable that someday they would work together for greater impact.  As Spring turned into Summer, the concept of Leading Allies Of… Data Centers & The Cloud was solidified and a team of industry professionals, passionate about diversifying the face of the industry through allyship, stepped forward to be our cherished steering committee.

Leading Allies Of… is sibling to the Leading Ladies Of… organization, which focuses on expanding female leadership from the ground up in fields where women are under-represented.  While Leading Ladies Of… only emerged at the height of the coronavirus crisis, it has attracted members from around the globe (47 countries to be exact!) through virtual Aerospace Summits, Defense Summits, Peer Champion Groups, Mentor Masterminds and Leadership Labs.  One thing is clear: the world is hungry for collaboration and connection, and geography no longer needs to be a barrier.  Leading Aerospace and Defense companies are on board, from Airbus to NASA, Rolls-Royce to Raytheon Technologies and Virgin Orbit, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! We are excited to work with the Cloud & Data Center community and can’t wait to see what is created.