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Leading Through The Changing Landscape

Opening Remarks


8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM GMT

Fiona McKay, Courageous Leadership Expert & Founder of Leading Ladies Of…


Join us as we discuss the importance of this event, and how the Leading Ladies Of… Defense, our sponsors, partners, and members, are creating the waves of change in the industry.

Opening Keynote: Leading Through Change


8:10 AM PST / 11:10 AM EST / 3:10 PM GMT

Carrie Mead, Garrison Manager, US Army Garrison - Detroit Arsenal


It’s during turbulent times that our leaderhsip is most tested. In this inspiring keynote, learn how staying true to your values can help you overcome the most challenging of circumstances.

The rapidly changing landscape of defense - what does this mean for your business?


8:25 AM PST / 11:25 AM EST / 3:25 PM GMT

Moderated by: Kate Kanapeaux, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, PNDC

CW5 Traci Goodwin, Chief of CI Initiatives and Readiness Counterintelligence, US Army

Sarah Henneberry, VP, Operations, GM Defense LLC.

Barbara Borgonovi, President of Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Systems, Raytheon Intelligence & Space


Struggling to keep track of all the changes in Defense? Wondering what this means for you? Our panel of Defense Leaders are here to share their perspectives on changes in technology, rising political tensions, cybersecurity and talent risks, and address how businesses can be prepared for what’s coming next.

Signature Session - Tips, Tricks & Traps: How To Be An Ally For Diversity In The Workplace


8:55 AM PST / 11:55 AM EST / 3:55 PM GMT

Moderated by: Rear Admiral James Macleod, Assistant Chief of Defence Staff, UK Ministry of Defence

Amy Gowder, Chief Operating Officer, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Dave Barrow, Head of Engineering & Development, AeroTEC

Kathy Crandall, President of Mission Networks, L3Harris

Ken Aso, Partner, Oliver Wyman


Are you ready to walk the talk? With the world waking up to the benefits of diversity in the workplace, diversity efforts are being declared by many companies. But what does it really take to bring real and lasting change? And how do we know that it’s really working? This panel shares the steps they took to move from spectator to ally, how they encouraged others to do the same, and how they overcame the mistakes they made along the way.

Signature Session - Defense Markt Outlook: Reshoring, Innovation, and Competition in the Defense Sector


9:35 AM PST / 12:35 AM EST / 4:35 PM GMT

Lynn Williams, Director, Acquisition Policy Government Operations, The Boeing Company


Join us for a brief overview of the Market Outlook for FY22 and FY23 are, efforts to bring manufacturing components back to the US and the impact on acquisition policy.


Tools For Coming Out On Top Of The Talent Crisis


10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM GMT

Moderated by: Geneva Taylor, Tellis Executive Search

Christine Miska, Business Area Engineering Director, BAE Systems

Lindsay Ramirez, GM, Component Solutions, Tektronix, Inc.

Ret. Lt. Sandy Sifuentes, Head of Quality, Archer

Hania Mohiuddin, Systems Engineer, Leonardo


With ‘The Great Resignation’ at the top of everyone’s minds, does this provide an opportunity for Defense? In this panel we discuss how Defense compares to other industries when it comes to managing talent, the measures leaders are putting in place to both attract and retain talent, and how people can secure their first Defense job when coming from other industries.

Signature Panel: Intersecting Technologies


10:40 AM PST / 1:40 PM EST / 5:40 PM GMT

Moderated by: Chantalle LeFriend, Chief Operating Officer, Convergence Networks

Grazia Vittadini, Chief Technology Officer, Rolls-Royce

Cindy Hoover, VP, R&D and Defense & Space Engineering, Spirit Aerosystems

Jennifer Wright, Mission Operations Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin


With investment in new technology at ever increasing levels, and many now transitioning from prototype to reality, which will have the greatest impact, and which may fade away? And how do we ensure that all sectors benefit? This panel discusses the rise in new technologies, what different sectors can learn from others, and how we can ensure everyone benefits.

Signature Panel - Pandemic Lessons in Leadership


11:15 AM PST / 2:15 PM EST / 6:15 PM GMT

Moderated by: Kim Lord, Engagement Manager A&D Practice, Oliver Wyman

Ashlee Davidson, VP Communications Missle & Fire Control, Lockheed Martin

Melissa Morrison-Ellis, Director, Raytheon Technologies

Lindsay Phillips, Executive Program Director, Military Applications, GKN Aerospace

Jill Mackie, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Vigor


What will leadership look like post pandemic? The last two years have shaped individuals and companies at a pace rarely experienced in this generation. Employee expectations changed, adaptability was key to survival, and compassion took over competitiveness as a key leadership trait. This panel of female leaders share how the pandemic shaped their leadership style and discuss what it is going to take to sustain some of the positive changes that occurred.

A Call To Action


11:55 AM PST / 02:55 PM EST / 6:55 PM GMT


Networking After-Party


12:00 PM PST / 03:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT

All speakers, sponsors and attendees welcome


Want to get to know our speakers better? Ask a pressing question? Make some new allies among our community? This 1-hour networking session after our event will provide the opportunity to take your experience to the next level.