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Opening Remarks

08.00 PST/ 11.00 EST/ 16.00 BST

Join us as we discuss the importance of this event, and how the Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace, our sponsors, partners, and members, are creating the waves of change in the industry.


Fiona McKay, Founder & CEO, Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace

Welcome Keynote: Turning The Power Of ‘No’ Into Possibility

08.05 PST/ 11.05 EST/ 16.05 BST

When we are met with the word no we have a choice – let it stop us, or let it drive us. In this opening keynote aviator Shaesta Waiz shares her story on how obstacles fueled her determination to set new records, becoming the first female certified civilian pilot born in Afghanistan and the the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in a single-engine aircraft from 2017-2022 when she handed over her crown to Zara Rutherford.


Shaesta Waiz, FAA Ambassador, Founder of Dreams Soar

Aerospace Market Outlook

08.20 PST/ 11.20 EST/ 16.20 BST

With the huge resurgence in air travel and the ecosystem struggling to keep up, coupled with many countries entering recession and serious supply chain and talent shortages, the industry has entered a ‘post pandemic challenge,’ beyond what many envisaged. What does this mean for the industry, the supply chain, and investors? How can companies thrive in the current predicament? In this second ground breaking all-female analyst panel, leaders at two of the biggest players in the industry, accompanied by airport leadership, share their perspectives and advice.


Mari Mesri, Airline Marketing Director, Airbus
Wendy Sowers, Director, Commercial Market Forecasting and Analysis, Boeing

Rosemary Vassiliadis, Director of Aviation, Harry Reid International Airport, Las Vegas
Moderated by Mariana Perez Mora, Vice President of Equity Research – Aerospace & Defense


Why Women’s Groups Are Good For Business: The Power Of Employee & Business Resource Groups

08.45 PST/ 11.45 EST/ 16.45 BST

All-women’s networking groups have seen a huge surge in the last few years. Some embrace the opportunities, while others shy away. But there’s data that proves, when done well, they can be very effective. In this panel we explore how organizations and communities have benefited from these activities and what an effective strategy looks like.



Veronica Klein, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Safran Electronics & Defense; Chair of Women@Safran
Amy Spowart, President & CEO, National Aviation Hall Of Fame; FAA’s Women In Aviation Advisory Board Member

Awaiting Confirmation


Moderated by Amy Spowart, President & CEO, National Aviation Hall Of Fame; FAA’s Women In Aviation Advisory Board Member

She’s Electric: Women In The Driving Seats Of Sustainable Aviation

09.05 PST/ 12.05 EST/ 17.05 BST

Sustainable aviation has garnered significant attention in recent years, and electrification has taken to the skies. With an estimated market of $21b by 2030, the opportunity for companies to diversify in this space cannot be ignored. This international panel of women are here to share perspectives on what an electric future might look like, the technology behind it, and your chance to be a part of it.


Gaudy Bezos-O’Connor, PM EAP Flight Demo Project, NASA
Anne Pascale Guedon, Diectrice Generale, BLADE Europe
Christine Andrews, Vice President, Hybrid Electric Systems Leader, GE Aviation

Moderated by Riona Armesmith, CTO, MagniX

BREAK – 09.30 PST/ 12.30 EST/ 17.30 GMT

How To Make A Cross Segment Career Move: Getting Hired When You're The Outlier

09.40 PST/ 12.40 EST/ 17.40 BST

Too many of us are put into boxes – sometimes of our own making – when it comes to our careers. But imagine a future where women enjoyed greater mobility between different sectors of aerospace. With OEMs, Supply Chain, Airlines, Cargo companies, Business Aviation, Space, Defense, MRO, and more, all being places for a possible future. In this fireside chat two amazing women share their journey’s to different parts of aerospace, and how they handled being an outsider on multiple levels.


Julie Kelley, Incoming Business Development Director, Composites, Rocket Lab
Patricia Hamrick, CHRO, Valence Surface Technologies
Moderated by Malissa Chambliss, CHRO, StandardAero


10.05 PST/ 13.05 EST/ 18.05 BST




Allyship For Everyone: Creating Change Through Collaboration

10.15 PST/ 13.15 EST/ 18.15 BST

The events of the past few years have led to a much-needed interest in proactive ways to support and drive DE&I. Allyship is not defined by a label you give to yourself – it’s about walking the talk and actively working to support others. As women we need allies, but we also need TO BE allies. This panel addresses how women’s groups can receive AND give allyship, and how the equity landscape for women and minorities can improve faster through collaboration.


Chelsea Mclaughlin, Sr. Director, Sekisui Aerospace & Board Member, The Lighthouse For The Blind
Richard Stephenson OBE, Chairman & Editor In Chief, AeroTime Group
DK Deaderick, President, Cabin Ops Safety Risk Management
Brianna Durham, Director of Business Development, Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC)

Moderated By: Katherine Bennett CBE, CEO, UK High Value Manufacturing Catapult

Forcing New Frontiers: Women Leading The Space Revolution

10.50 PST/ 13.50 EST/ 18.50 BST

The era of space being limited to large space agencies, government, and big satellite missions, is past us with private companies, smaller budgets, and smaller hardware all playing a part in ‘democratizing space.’ But a sound future requires sound strategy, and space commercialization cannot be achieved effectively without strong government relations. In this panel our Leading Ladies will share their perspectives on how strategy and government are shaping the future, and what it is like to be a woman at the forefront.



Megan Mitchell, Vice President of Government Relations, Blue Origin
Elizabeth Seward, Head of Strategy, Space, BAE Systems
Alice Bunn, CEO IMechE, Incoming President, UKSpace

Moderated By: Deanna Irvin, Director of Business Development, DI Labs

Different Journey, Same Destination: How We Forged Success Through Adversity

11.15 PST/ 14.15 EST/ 19.15 BST

Not every person entering the industry comes from engineering school, and journeys up the career ladder can take many forms. But one thing common in many women’s paths is the adversity they face in the process. In our final panel of the day, amazing women share their journeys in the industry and how they used the adversity they faced to drive their success.



Bobbi Wells, VP Safety Systems, Efficiency & Compliance, American Airlines
Lindsey Gamell, Business Development & Program Manager, TP Aerospace
Yvette Rose, Senior Vice President, Cargo Airline Association
Mandy Trainer, VP – Fabrication, Spirit AeroSystems

Glass Breaker Awards

11.45 PST/ 14.45 EST/ 19.45 GMT

An opportunity to celebrate people who are exceptional at ‘Walking The Talk,’ the Glass Breaker Awards celebrate those going above and to advance diversity in the workplace. Learn about our nominees and celebrate the winners of this year’s awards!

Call to Action

11.55 PST/ 14.55 EST/ 19.55 GMT



12.00 PST/ 15.00 EST/ 20.00 GMT


Optional: After Party

11.40 PST/ 14.40 EST/ 19.40 GMT

Want to get to know our speakers better? Ask a pressing question? Make some new allies among our community? This 1-hour networking session after our event will provide the opportunity to take your experience to the next level.


All speakers, sponsors and attendees welcome!

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