Conference Content

The programming content features diverse subject matter, including:

  • Insights and advice from accomplished female leaders from all walks of life
  • Professional and personal development, including industry knowledge
  • Skills, practices and strategies for leadership development and career advancement
  • Collaboration between different facets of the industry

The conference format includes keynote speeches and panel discussions, and an opportunity to be part of a community that continues long after the summit.


Gina Radke is CEO of Galley Support Innovations

Gina Radke

CEO, Galley Support Innovations

Allison McKay

CEO, Women In Aviation International

Vanessa Blacknall- Jamison

Chairwoman – Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Casey Madsen

P-8 Production Director and Program Manager, Boeing

Ann Justiz

Co-Founder, SAFE FUEL SYSTEMS INC a Standard Aero Company

Mari Lluhi

CEO, Genesis Aviation

Shoumi Jeyarajah

Manager Aerospace & Defense Management Consulting, Accenture

Lynn Strickland

Executive Director, AJAC

Rachel McKay

Director of Product Development, Overwatch Imaging

Mariana Perez Mora

Equity Research Associate, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Hilary King

VP/GM Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Fariba Alamdari

Retired Boeing VP, TEDx Speaker

Frances-Lee Rogers

Associate, ThinkingitBetter Group

Emily Wittman

President & CEO, Aerospace Futures Alliance

Mary Wanke

Co-Founder, A-WING

Rachel Camarillo

Controller & Business Manager, Erin Air, Inc.

Stephanie Carpentier

Co-Founder, Vx Consultants

Jamie Beach

Systems Administrator & Associate DevOps Engineer, Base2 Solutions

Huy Tran

Director of Aeronautics, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Ames Research Center (ARC)