Thursday September 17th 2020
8 – 12 PST / 11 – 3 EST / 4 – 8 GMT


Summary: 2020 Virtual Summit 

Collaborating Our Way Out of The Crisis

An experience like no other!

In nearly 30 years in aviation, I have never been surrounded by so many intelligent, smart, brave, inspiring aviation women. I feel so grateful. And so humbled by the moment.

Carolina Jones, Senior Director Business Development, Wencor Group


Our international half-day event, September 17th 2020,  brought together almost 400 Leading Ladies of aerospace from around the world for professional development and networking.

Attendees heard from female leaders across the industry and from ALL walks of aerospace – commercial, defense, manufacturing, airlines, MRO, support services and more.


Leading Ladies Of Aerospace: The Mission

Regardless of our connection – as colleagues, friends, family, or even a distant LinkedIn connection, we all have a common goal: 50%.  We strive to create an aerospace industry with gender balance, where women and men are face to face in equal ratios at all levels of the company.  We know this is a significant challenge; we recognize that we may not see gender parity in our lifetime.  But we do not shy away from it – we face the challenge with commitment, integrity and grace.  We do this for all women, whether she’s already reached the C-suite, or is a young girl dreaming of airplanes.

Although Leading Ladies Of events focus on challenges and strategies for women of diverse backgrounds, it is inclusive and open as well to men who strive to achieve in their career while supporting the advancement of women in the industry.

13 Countries Represented

>400 Tickets Sold

>150 Companies

Summit Videos

Diversity & The Future of Aerospace

2020 has been a year of unprecedented change for the world at large, with companies forced to re-design the way they do things.  By embracing diversity, we believe aerospace companies have the opportunity to bounce back stronger than ever before.  Join Leading Ladies Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison, Chair of the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, and Allison McKay, CEO of Women In Aviation International, to hear how collaboration between affinity groups, whether non-profits or ERGs, will be crucial to creating real and lasting change.

Resilience To Brilliance

In a world which is reshaping itself at an unprecedented rate, success can only come from being able to successfully adapt to the new normality.  Yet we do not know the full extent of the new landscape before us. How then, can we navigate this in a stable and reliable way?  Resilience expert Frances Lee-Rogers shares tools and techniques for keeping your resilience strong, enabling you to focus more on what you do best, and bring your brilliance to the world.

Courage, Collaboration & Compassion: Our Journey To The Top

In the 21st century few women have made it to the top of aerospace companies.  Those that do leave an incredible footprint for women behind them.  As the old saying goes, ‘it takes a village,’ and it’s no different in careers.  Join inspirational leaders, company owner and CEO, Mari Lluhi, former Boeing Vice President, Fariba Alamdari, and Director of Aeronautics at NASA Ames Research Center, to hear how courage, collaboration and compassion played an important role in their journey to the top.

Transitioning Your Skills Across The Aerospace Ecosystem

The human condition often means we stay where we feel comfortable, so some of us spend our whole career in one part of aerospace.  However, there are many sectors to this dynamic industry that need YOU, and the upturn from the current environment will likely provide this opportunity.  Join Emily Wittman, President & CEO of AFA, and her distinguished panel, for an in-depth discussion on what it’s like to move around the industry and how they overcame the fear of ‘not checking all the boxes’ of the job description.

Amplifying Your Power Through Collaboration

The idea of power may have you thinking ‘heck yeah,’ or it may make your stomach turn.  Owning our power is something many in minority groups are still to embrace.  The power of sisterhood can be a catalyst for this.  Join leadership experts and keynote speakers Gina Radke and Fiona McKay as they share how collaboration enabled them to ‘own it’ and how those friendships are essential for more trying times.

21st Century Leadership Skills: Getting Ahead In The New Normal

As we bounce back from the depths of the crisis one thing is clear: little, if anything will ever be the same.  And that includes leadership. Join our diverse panel and to hear their perspectives on the next era of leadership – covering everything from behavior to data, appearances to entrepreneurship, and much more.