About Our Coaching

Fiona’s coaching supports clients to gain altitude on their professional and personal circumstances and understand how to break through their glass cilings to advance to the next level, both professionall and personally.  She is highly effective at supporting people and organizations to look at their potential powerfully and objectively and determine how to create tangible results at an accelerated pace.

Fiona brings the additional perspective of ontology to her coaching, enabling her to work with clients to identify blind spots and new perspectives that can open up a world of possibility for.  She listens on multiple levels, asks thought-provoking questions, makes bold reflections, and holds the client accountable for taking the necessary actions to achieve success,

For Executives & Entrepreneurs

For Emerging Leaders

For Executives & Entrepeneurs: Ready To Ignite

The Soaring To Sucess program empowers executives to go from excellent leaders to extraordinary leaders who deliver extraordinary results.  The executive process & toolkit creates leaders that own their power and are able to both demonstrate and demand their worth. They are willing to challenge the status quo and are a transformative force for their organization.

For Emerging Leaders:

Ready To Fly

The Ready To Fly program supports emerging leaders to develop executive skills and hone their personal ‘leadership blueprint.’ The process builds leaders that are clear on their strengths, values, and potential bottlenecks to their success.  The program recognizes ‘what got you here, won’t get you there,’ (Marshall Goldsmith), and executes on a roadmap that takes emerging leaders from ‘subject expert’ to ‘human potential enabler,’ creating an authentic and confident leadership shadow that others want to follow.

Fiona’s Commitment To You

To have the professional and personal impact that you want by supporting you to:

  • Get crystal clear on your potential
  • Understand what makes you tick & how best to use that knowledge
  • Shake up your inner narrative to unleash your best self
  • Uncover the big goals you’ve been hiding from
  • Identifying a roadmap to achieve the big goals
  • Figuring out the obstacles in the way of your big goals & how to smash them
  • Enhance your resilience to the naysayers
  • Learning to fail with grace & pick yourself back up when the going gets tough

She will call you out on your BS and hold you accountable for what you say you really want, all from a place of love and unshakable belief in limitless potential.

Tired of feeling like you’re stuck in a rut?

Frustrated with yourself and your colleagues?

Spending too much time beating yourself up?

Faking it until you make it?

Failing to enjoy your success?

Or perhaps you already know you’re a badass, but you need to figure out how to amp things up?

Then working with Fiona could be just the thing you need.

I have been working with Fiona as an executive coach for 6 months, and during that time she has made an impact on all aspects of my life.  My relationship with my children has improved. My relationship with my partner has improved.  And, my relationship with my corporation has clearly improved and I have been promoted from Director to Vice President. More importantly, doubt and fear have been replaced by confidence and energy, and I am dreaming big dreams once again.  If you are searching for that best version of yourself, Fiona can help you find it.”


Vice President, Commercial Programs, Aerospace Manufacturer

I’m tremendously grateful for Fiona’s coaching at a critical juncture in my career. She helped me build the courage to leap from my previous stable corporate job, prepare for what came next, and go after and land an amazing job opportunity (and significant salary bump) within 3 months. Fiona is perceptive, astute, encouraging, creative, funny, and challenging as a coach. She has a knack for bringing out the best in people—offering opportunities and paths you never thought of, helping you excel at your strengths, managing any pitfalls, and helping you experience greater joy. I highly recommend her, especially for anyone seeking support with achieving new goals!


Management Consultant, Major Professional Services Company

Fiona has been a force of change in my life over this past year and has the ability to decipher whatever gibberish I throw her way, present it in a way that I couldn’t even see and turn it all into 1-2 bite-size doable actions! When I first spoke to her, I was in the mindset that I needed to figure out where to go with my career post stay-at-home mom break but what she truly helped me uncover was the need to get over my mom-guilt, self-doubt and find real actionable ways to take steps towards my next chapter in life.  Through Fiona’s constant compassion & kindness yet firm, unwavering push towards my goals, I went from not even knowing what I wanted to starting my own company in doing what I truly believe in,  and found grace for myself and constantly work on ways to balance work/life.


Founder & CEO, Education Non-Profit