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What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

If you are looking for someone to galvanize your team, equip them with kowledge and tools, and inspire them to go and put what they have learned into practice, then Fiona McKay should be your go-to person.

Dr Cynthia Gulick, Medical Director & Practicing Physician, Southwest Family Physicians

Hands-On Experience Meets Theory

Fiona’s business, teaching and coaching experience provides an ideal background for delivering impactful material to a corporate audience.  She is trusted by organizations of all sizes, including as Faculty for Boeing’s L&D teams, where she plays a key role in delivering their Leading in Manufacturing progam.

Virtual & In-Person Training

All workshops are available as in-person or virtual trainings & Fiona is experienced in delivering materials under safety and social distancing requirements for the pandemic.

Diverse Solutions

Fiona is equipeed to train on a range of topics, from leadership to change programs, project management to high performing teams, executive presence to mindset management, she has a wealth of knowledge, experience and training from which to tailor an ideal workshop for your team.  A range of pre-existing workshops are available; they can be customized to meet your needs, or Fiona and her team can work with you to create your workshop from the ground up.

If you are searching for the best version of yourself, Fiona can help you find it.


Leadership & Business Workshops

Women's Leadership Workshop

Foundation of Male Allyship

Fiona McKay is more than just an instructor; she’s a beacon of excellence, a mentor, and a true inspiration. Anyone fortunate enough to have her as an instructor will undoubtedly emerge better equipped, better informed, and better prepared to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the best. Fiona McKay is an opportunity that should never be missed.

Paul Briganti, VP / Electrical Apprenticeship Program, ABC Washington

Rising Leaders

Rising Leaders is a program developed to help your company’s current and future leaders take their impact and results to the next level. By leading with knowledge and confidence, great leaders save companies time, money, and worry. By investing in their people,  great companies retain and attract the best talent.

The program takes place over 12 workshops, with three phases:

  • Focus On Yourself – the key changes you need to make for yourself to become a better leader.
  • Focus On Your Team – the skills you need to run your team effectively.
  • Focus On The Business – what you should understand about your business. and how you impact company results.

Program Delivery

As a comprehensive program in its entirety, each workshop is delivered in 3-hour interactive sessions and is delivered through a combination of taught materials, case studies, guided activities, and peer learning. There is a lot packed into the 3 hours;  longer sessions are available upon request.

Alternative Solutions

Each module can also be delivered as a stand-alone training, with half and full-day solutions available.


Part 1: Focus on You

  • Developing Your Leadership Mindset
  • Time Management & Prioritization
  • Health & Wellbeing: A Foundation For Leadership

Part 2: Focus on Others

  • Effective Communication For The Workplace
  • Understanding Teams & Building Trust
  • Delegation, Expectations & Accountability
  • Providing Feedback & Coaching Others
  • Conflict Resolution & Managing Workplace Emotion

Part 3: Focus on Business

  • Negotiation For The Workplace
  • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution With Customers and Suppliers
  • Understanding Business Fundamentals: Finance and PR
  • Planning For The Future: Grow Your Team, Grow Yourself

To learn more and receive a detailed curriculum please reach out to us at

Leadership & Business Workshops

With a proven track record of delivering workshops for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and professional associations, Fiona’s facilitation talents are unmatched. Her ability to create psychologically safe environments allows participants to openly discuss challenges, share perspectives, and formulate actionable strategies.

Fiona’s workshops are no, ‘death by powerpoint,’ and she’s respected for her ability to get directly to what matters, enabling participants to extract maximum value. While designed to impart knowledge, the interactive activities, self-reflection exercises, and real-life case studies, enable attendees to gain practical strategies to lead and put their knowledge into context.

Learn more about Fiona’s popular workshops below, and reach out to to see what other topics we have on offer.


The “Tools for Turbulence” program balanced human inspiration and encouragement with practical business skills for our new virtual world.  We ran two sessions for our community and had members participate from our locations around the globe with resoundingly positive feedback.  We look forward to working with Fiona again in the future.

Beth De Young


I attended one of Fiona’s leadership seminars last year, and left feeling both enlightened and empowered. Exploring the many concepts surrounding leadership, and the path to become a leader, can be treacherous to navigate in a large-group setting. Fiona’s engaging and direct presentation style maintained a structured, yet personable experience for all of us who participated. Her approach to leadership embodies the courage, awareness, and tenacity required to not only succeed, but excel in today’s demanding and ever-changing business world.

Matthew Clegg




On behalf of the Mother Attorney Mentoring Association (“MAMA Seattle”) I would highly recommend hiring Fiona McKay and Katie Duke to speak to your organization. We hired them to speak to our members on “Tools for Turbulence” and how to handle being lawyers and moms in the midst of the pandemic. I know we all left the one-hour presentation with concrete tools on how we can more effectively delegate and ask for help so that we can focus on our inner selves. But my favorite quote from the presentation was “I am not perfect, but I am fabulous.” It was a good reminder to keep things in perspective and to stop being your own worst critic. Thank you, Fiona and Katie. This was time and money well spent.

Lori Hurl


Transition to Leadership

The transition to management can be a daunting process. One day you are in control as the expert, then suddenly you must step back and embrace the power of the team. Success is no longer a solo game; trust, compassion and communication skills are essential to soar in this new paradigm. Ever heard the phrase ‘sink or swim?’ Unfortunately, many managers are left to figure it out for themselves – a lonely and often costly process. This workshop explores the mental and behavioral shifts that will enhance your ability to lead while providing tools to immediately implement and explore with your teams.

From New Recruit to High Flyer

An extension of our Transition To Leadership workshop, this 1-day session is designed to equip new employees with the essential skills and knowledge to accelerate their career growth and become high-performing individuals within their organization. Participants will explore the corporate landscape, develop core professional skills in communication, time management, and networking, and cultivate a growth mindset focused on continuous learning and self-improvement. Through interactive sessions, they will learn to navigate workplace challenges, embrace opportunities, and understand the roadmap that will enable them to step up to be leaders of the future.

Mastering Change Management

Change is key to the longevity of organizations, yet it continues to be cited as one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. This comprehensive 1-day workshop on change management equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate and lead organizational change. The workshop is structured into several key modules, each addressing crucial aspects of change management and delivered through a combination of teaching, interactive exercises and case studies.

Tools for Turbulence

Our current environment continues to send curveballs our way at an unprecedented rate. While unsettling, this has the potential to enable people to soar to new levels of success as we demonstrate our resilience and creativity in our new environment. This interactive workshop addresses the root cause of some of these challenges, provides personal strategies and tools to manage these headwinds, and transform turbulence into personal triumphs of all sizes. 

Courageous Conflict

Courage is often feared in the workplace, but can actually be an asset to an organixation. This workshop is designed to equip employees with the skills and mindset needed to effectively manage and harness the power of conflict in the workplace. Participants will learn to view conflict not as a hindrance, but as an opportunity for growth, innovation, and strengthened relationships. The workshop will cover essential conflict resolution techniques, including active listening, empathy, and assertive communication, enabling employees to address disagreements constructively and collaboratively, while learning how to navigate difficult conversations and transform potential disputes into productive dialogues.

Mentoring 101

This 1-day workshop, “Mentoring 101,” is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge to establish and maintain effective mentoring relationships. Participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees, criteria for matching, and techniques for setting SMART goals. Key communication skills, including active listening, providing feedback, and building trust, are emphasized alongside strategies for overcoming common mentoring challenges. Through case studies, role-playing, and practical exercises, attendees will gain hands-on experience that will support them far beyond the workshop.

Business Development, PR & Sales: It’s For Everyone

This workshop aims to demystify these critical functions and highlight how every employee’s actions can significantly impact sales and customer experience. Participants explore the interconnectedness of business development, public relations, and sales, and learn how their roles contribute to the organization’s growth and reputation. The workshop will cover key concepts in customer relationship management, effective communication, and brand advocacy, emphasizing that every interaction, no matter how small, can influence customer perceptions and buying decisions. 

Leading with Courage & Authenticity

This workshop is designed to empower leaders to embrace their true selves, and lead with integrity and boldness. Participants will explore the importance of authenticity in leadership, learning how to align their actions with their core values, inspiring trust and respect within their teams. The workshop delves into the concept of courageous leadership, encouraging leaders to face challenges head-on, make difficult decisions, and foster a culture of transparency and open communication. By the end of the session, leaders will be equipped with the tools and mindset needed to navigate the complexities of modern leadership with courage and authenticity.

Interested In More Workshops Focused On Courage?

All of Fiona’s keynotes are also available as immersive training workshops – allowing you to embed the learning and key takeaways across your entire organization.

If you’ve had the opportunity to experience one of Fiona’s engaging keynote presentations and want to further ingrain those transformative insights, our workshops are the ideal next step.

To learn more about Fiona’s keynote topics and how they can be expanded into customized workshop experiences, visit the Keynote Speaking page.

Fiona’s Keynotes Include:

  • Defining Courageous Leadership
  • Courage is Your Competitive Advantage
  • Finding the Courage to be an Ally
  • Courageously Recovering from Failure
  • Women are Good for Business: The ROI for Gender Parity

Women’s Leadership Workshops

We’re passionate about uplifting women in the workplace and fostering truly inclusive environments. We provide solutions to help organizations with women’s leadership programs, and / or establish or enhance their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Leadership Workshops (Available In-Person or Virtually):

  • How to Be the CEO of Your Career
  • Executive Presence
  • Confidence 101
  • Creating Powerful Networks
  • The Power of No in the Workplace
  • Confidence & Communication in the Workplace
  • Personal Branding
  • Embracing Change
  • Working Globally

…and more!


Employee Resource Group Support

(Available In-Person or Virtually):

  • Launch & Implementation
  • Stakeholder Buy-In Planning
  • In-Person Workshops & Events
  • Annual Planning
  • Mentoring Program Development

“Fiona and Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace & Defense has had a tremendous impact on our organization’s Leading Ladies of Applied Composites group. We have had the ability to foster, develop, and grow relationships across our businesses. Fiona’s programs have helped bring us together to learn and utilize leadership tools & tactics to strengthen our footprint and voice. We have had several ladies who have personally reached out and talked about how Fiona taught them to be empowered and go after their goals.”

Deanna Perotta-Steinke, Chief HR Officer, Integrated Polymer Solutions (former VP HR, Applied Composites)

Male Allyship Workshops

Fostering an inclusive workplace starts with allyship. The Foundations of Male Allyship Workshop provides participants with the tools to transition from bystanders to intentional allies.

This 2-4 hour interactive session, led by experienced facilitators, offers a space to:

  • Gain understanding of women’s experiences
  • Learn strategies to identify and overcome accidental exclusion
  • Develop an “allyship toolkit” to drive inclusivity
  • Build a business case for professional and personal allyship

Whether run privately for companies or in community sessions, this workshop welcomes men into crucial conversations. Participants walk away with the knowledge and compassion to be effective allies and champions for gender equality.

Visit the page to learn more about bringing this transformative experience to your organization. Invest in building an inclusive culture.