Trainings & Workshops

Hands-On Experience Meets Theory

Fiona’s business, teaching and coaching experience provides an ideal background for delivering impactful material to a corporate audience.  She is trusted by organizations of all sizes, including as Faculty for Boeing’s L&D teams, where she plays a key role in delivering their Leading in Manufacturing progam.

Diverse Solutions

Fiona is equipeed to train on a range of topics, from leadership to change programs, project management to high performing teams, executive presence to mindset management, she has a wealth of knowledge, experience and training from which to tailor an ideal workshop for your team.  A range of pre-existing workshops are available; they can be customized to meet your needs, or Fiona and her team can work with you to create your workshop from the ground up.

Virtual & In-Person Training

All workshops are available as in-person or virtual trainings & Fiona is experienced in delivering materials under safety and social distancing requirements for the pandemic.

It has been an honor working with Fiona McKay. I have worked with Fiona indirectly for five years in business development, business relations and leadership development. She is a unique individual that operates at the highest level of professionalism when working with business leaders. I look forward to continue working with her as we both navigate our said industries.

Carlos Veliz

Business Development Executive, Commercial Aircraft Interiors

Available Workshops

We have a range of workshops and programs available, three of our most popular are listed below. For a full list of available workshops please reach out to

Transition To Leadership

The transition to management can be a daunting process. One day you are in control as the expert, then suddenly you must step back and embrace the power of the team. Success is no longer a solo game; trust, compassion and communication skills are essential to soar in this new paradigm. Ever heard the phrase ‘sink or swim?’ Unfortunately, many managers are left to figure it out for themselves – a lonely and often costly process. This workshop explores the mental and behavioral shifts that will enhance your ability to lead while providing tools to immediately implement and explore with your teams.  You will walk away understanding:

1. How to move from expert to generalist
2. Ways to get out of the weeds and delegate with confidence
3. Why humility & compassion can be your secret weapon
4. The building blocks of inter-department communication to break down silos

Tools For Turbulence

Our current environment continues to send curveballs our way at an unprecedented rate. While unsettling, this has the potential to enable people to soar to new levels of success as we demonstrate our resilience and creativity in our new environment. This interactive workshop addresses the root cause of some of these challenges, provides personal strategies and tools to manage these headwinds, and transform turbulence into personal triumphs of all sizes. In this session we explore:


  1. How to rise above the fear and overwhelm created by current events
  2. Strategies to enhance your experience as a virtual employee
  3. How to balance work and parenting / support your colleagues with children

Embracing Change

Change is key to the longevity of organizations, yet it continues to be cited as one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses.  Successful and sustained change requires commitment and time, but the payoff for developing an inspired team can be exponential for the organization.  In this workshop we explore the foundations required to navigate a team through a successful change program, ensuring your the team:

  1. Gets comfortable with being uncomfortable
  2. Is clear on their bigger ‘why’ for committing to the change
  3. Can manage ambiguity, and align behind a vision without knowing the ‘how’
  4. Has tools for handling the hurdles that inevitably show up

The “Tools for Turbulence” program balanced human inspiration and encouragement with practical business skills for our new virtual world.  We ran two sessions for our community and had members participate from our locations around the globe with resoundingly positive feedback.  We look forward to working with Fiona again in the future.

Beth De Young

Vice President, Safran

I attended one of Fiona’s leadership seminars last year, and left feeling both enlightened and empowered. Exploring the many concepts surrounding leadership, and the path to become a leader, can be treacherous to navigate in a large-group setting. Fiona’s engaging and direct presentation style maintained a structured, yet personable experience for all of us who participated. Her approach to leadership embodies the courage, awareness, and tenacity required to not only succeed, but excel in today’s demanding and ever-changing business world.

Matthew Clegg

Marine Designer, Manson Construction Co.

On behalf of the Mother Attorney Mentoring Association (“MAMA Seattle”) I would highly recommend hiring Fiona McKay and Katie Duke to speak to your organization. We hired them to speak to our members on “Tools for Turbulence” and how to handle being lawyers and moms in the midst of the pandemic. I know we all left the one-hour presentation with concrete tools on how we can more effectively delegate and ask for help so that we can focus on our inner selves. But my favorite quote from the presentation was “I am not perfect, but I am fabulous.” It was a good reminder to keep things in perspective and to stop being your own worst critic. Thank you, Fiona and Katie. This was time and money well spent.

Lori Hurl

Attorney & Shareholder, Forsberg & Umaluf