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Women To Smash Through Ceilings

Leading Ladies Of… is a movement to accelerate the journey to gender parity for women, by expanding female leadership from the ground up.  We create communities in which people collectively use their power to access brave hearts and bold voices to create big change.

Why do we do this?  Many industries attract women but struggle to retain them – especially as they climb the ladder – perpetuating the problem of lack of visible role models. A sense of belonging and feeling heard is crucial for retention. The approach of Leading Ladies Of… is to create cross-company communities of support by creating events and programs that embrace courage, collaboration and compassion.

Our Mission

To accelerate the journey to gender parity by expanding female leadership from the ground up; powered by connection, collaboration and career-catalyzing skills.

Diversity Acceleration Model

Our diversity acceleration model are designed through the lens of being authentic, inclusive, international and affordable. It costs nothing to be a member of our community, but we do seek fuel to sustain us through events and sponsorships,

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I’m so thrilled at what you’re doing. I remember how it felt so lonely to know I was one of a handful of women leaders in Aerospace, especially a woman of color. I’m so glad opportunities are growing with intention everywhere for women.

Geneva Taylor

Managing Director, Tellis Executive Search | Ex Rolls-Royce Exec

Attending The Leading Ladies of Aerospace Summit 2020 was incredibly inspiring. In these difficult times that we are facing, it was refreshing to see so many people share the same passion as me! I learned to not be afraid to be a leading lady. That by coming together WE can make an IMPACT on so many lives.

Jessica Lima

Creator of Customer Opportunities, MECKO Group

Leading Ladies Of... Aerospace

Leading Ladies of...Aerospace 2022

Leading Ladies Of... Defense

Leading Ladies Of... Podcast

Leading Ladies of... Podcast

A Leading Lady is…A WonderWoman

Leading Ladies come from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and ages. What sets a Leading Lady apart is her resiliency and commitment to challenging the status quo. Despite any obstacles she may face, a Leading Lady picks herself back up, dusts off her heels, and continues the march towards gender balance.

A Leading Lady is somebody who is committed to changing the future for all women in traditionally male-dominated professions. An influencer who actively creates a positive impact on others. A role model for what it means to have compassion and courage in the workplace.