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Highlights from Leading Ladies Of… story (Produced in 2022, we have grown significantly since then!)

At Leading Ladies Of… our mission is to accelerate the journey to gender parity, through the promotion and retention of women leaders; powered by connection, collaboration, and career-catalyzing skills. Promoting REAL CHANGE.

Through our virtual platform, events and mobile app we create communities in which people collectively use their power to access brave hearts and bold voices to create big change.

Why do we do this? Many industries attract women but struggle to retain them – especially as they climb the ladder – perpetuating the problem of lack of visible role models. A sense of belonging and feeling heard is crucial for retention. The approach of Leading Ladies Of… is to create cross-company communities of support by creating events and programs that embrace courage, collaboration and compassion.

Our Mission

To accelerate the journey to gender parity, through the promotion and retention of women leaders; powered by connection, collaboration, and career-catalyzing skills. Promoting REAL CHANGE.

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How can I meet up with other Leading Ladies & Allies?

Where can I go to for career advice?

How can I find a mentor, or become a mentor?

Where can I post our job openings to attract more women?

Can you create a Leading Ladeies group for Flight Test Engineers / HR Proffesionals / Recruiters?

These are all questions our community asked of us as Leading Ladies expanded – so we stepped up and have now launched the Leading Ladies Of… App, available for the iPhone & Android, plus there’s a web version too!

Joining our community offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded women and allies, gain valuable insights, and expand your professional network. With access to a diverse network, exclusive discussions, and resources, you’ll have the support you need to navigate challenges, advance your career, and contribute to our mission of promoting and retaining women in male-dominated industries.

Individual Membership

Why Should I Join?

  • Join our membership community to connect with other women. and allies who are passionate about supporting one another.
  • Improve your professional network across the globe.
  • Embrace the power of collective wisdom and support.
  • Get your questions answered by knowledgeable peers through our discussion forums.
  • Learn which companies are walking the talk when it comes to hiring more women.

Company Membership

Why Should My Company Join?

  • Gain recognition and visibility for your company among our engaged member base and ANYONE who accesses the app.
  • Promote your organization and attract diverse candidates by posting job opportunities directly to our community.
  • Embrace the power of collective wisdom and support.

Diversity Acceleration Model

Our diversity acceleration model is designed through the lens of being authentic, inclusive, international and affordable. It costs nothing to be a member of our community, but we do seek fuel to sustain us through events, services and sponsorships,

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No other group online that can introduce you to all the best in aerospace, defense, and cloud


Fiona and Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace & Defense has had a tremendous impact on our organization’s Leading Ladies of Applied Composites group. We have had the ability to foster, develop and grow relationships across our businesses. Fiona’s programs have helped bring us together to learn and utilize leadership tools & tactics to strengthen our footprint and voice. We have had several ladies who have personally reached out and talked about how Fiona taught them to be empowered and go after their goals

DeAnna Perrotta Steinke

Chief Human Resources Officer, Integrated Polymer Solutions (IPS)

We’ve followed the tremendous progress of Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace since the first Summit in 2020. This is a much-needed community to encourage more women to join and stay in aerospace, and I’m so grateful for their inclusiveness of male allies. We joined as a summit sponsor in 2021 and have recently become annual sponsors of this important organization.

John Benscheidt

President, Jet Parts Engineering

Leading Ladies Of... Aerospace

Leading Ladies of...Aerospace 2022

Leading Ladies Of... Defense

Leading Ladies Of... Podcast

Leading Ladies of... Podcast

A Leading Lady is…

Leading Ladies come from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and ages. What sets a Leading Lady apart is her resiliency and commitment to challenging the status quo. Despite any obstacles she may face, a Leading Lady picks herself back up, dusts off her heels, and continues the march towards gender balance.

A Leading Lady is somebody who is committed to changing the future for all women in traditionally male-dominated professions. An influencer who actively creates a positive impact on others. A role model for what it means to have compassion and courage in the workplace.