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Courageous Leader

Dedicated To Bringing More Courageous Leaders Into The World

Fiona McKay is a recognized leader in professional and personal transformation. A highly sought-after coach, trainer, and keynote speaker, Fiona inspires and guides leaders to embrace bravery, boldness, and big change to create the world they want for themselves and others.

After a highly successful career as a businesswoman in aerospace, manufacturing, and non-profit management, Fiona came full circle and re-embraced the magic of educating and empowering others – something she experienced at the start of her career in education with Teach First.

Her unique expertise is in combining her teaching, coaching, and business experience to provide people and organizations with both the motivation AND the tools to embrace change, enhance productivity and create breakthrough results.

Courageous leadership is about challenging the status quo – to stop playing the role you ‘think’ you’re supposed to play and embrace the role your heart knows you can play.

Fiona McKay, Keynote Speaker



Courage is saying NO to fear’s attempts to dictate where you’re headed in life, enabling you to become the master of your own journey.

Fiona McKay, Keynote Speaker

When people recognize their worth, that’s when the magic happens.

Fiona McKay, Keynote Speaker



  • Coach, facilitator, and trainer for multiple Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits
  • 1,000 of hours of coaching, consulting, training & teaching experience
  • Recognized as PCC by the International Coaching Federation
  • Utilizes cutting-edge coaching & leadership techniques
  • Qualified Teacher certification (UK)
  • International experience

All backed by hands on experience in the business world.

Fiona McKay’s Biography

As a leading coach, trainer, and keynote speaker, Fiona has reached thousands with her message of embracing courage, authenticity, and mindset to create change in the face of immense challenges. An experienced business professional, entrepreneur, and transformational trainer, Fiona is a sought-after courageous leadership specialist who guides individuals and organizations to create new levels of performance and create resilient, high-integrity, confident leaders.

Fiona is also the CEO of McKay Unlimited, which through keynote speaking, workshops, coaching, and mentoring, develops leaders with the courage to embrace change, the tools to embrace uncertain times, and the ability to create cultures that place communication, authenticity and integrity at the heart of what they do.

In addition, Fiona also ‘accidentally’ launched a global movement during the pandemic when she started hosting virtual events focused on the promotion and retention of women in male-dominated sectors. As the world returned to normal she thought interest would subside, but the community asked for more, and Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace was formed. It has since expanded to include Defense & Space, and she has enabled the model to be utilized in other sectors. It is now a globally recognized organization, supported and sponsored by many leading companies.

Fiona credits much of her success to the principles she learned in overcoming adversity and embracing the idea that no aspiration was too big for her. Born in a regional manufacturing town in the northwest of England, Fiona was the first in her family to go to college, graduating from Oxford University before moving to London to teach in inner-city schools through the prestigious Teach First program. Through this experience, Fiona developed the compassion to embrace people of all backgrounds, from people with the toughest of upbringings to society’s most privileged, including Lords and Ladies. She recognized that no matter a person’s background, there are always stories of struggle and a great deal to be gained from embracing our humanity.

Fiona’s ability to relate to people of all backgrounds was a key ingredient to her success in the business world as a business development professional, project manager, business director, and more. Her career enabled her to work in various business functions, geographic locations, and leadership positions. A British national, Fiona relocated to Seattle in 2013 to manage the relationship between Rolls-Royce and The Boeing Company before being headhunted by Parker Aerospace. In both roles Fiona was the first female and youngest person ever to serve.

Throughout her career Fiona has been very passionate about developing others. During her two-year experience with Teach First Fiona was the facilitator for the Teach First Westminster Professional Development Group, where she held monthly development sessions for her peers. In her time at Rolls-Royce she designed and delivered a variety of training courses that enhanced the performance of various departments she worked for. In addition, she was also on the board for Rolls-Royce Women, where she developed and implemented mentoring and coaching programs for their members. Fiona’s passion for female leadership extended beyond Rolls-Royce, speaking at multiple women’s leadership events and supporting the establishment of women’s networks.

Fiona used a wrong turn in her career to embrace a lifetime calling to develop others and bring more heart to the corporate world. Using her varied and global industry experience, world-class education, and depth of coaching knowledge, she pivoted her career path to professional and personal development by launching her first business, Ready To Fly, a coaching and consulting company. Her coaching clients experienced significant results, including expanded leadership capabilities, promotions to C-suite positions and the launch and expansion of multiple businesses. She also used her experiences to support the development and expansion of Non-Profit organizations. In one engagement, her training, strategies and tools resulted in over 40% growth in revenue, an increase from 180 members to 250+, a doubling of the number of programs, and expansion in team size and capability. Today her business operates under the brand name of ‘McKay Unlimited,’ reflecting her belief that all organizations and individuals have unlimited potential.

Today Fiona is known for her engaging, authentic and energetic style, and is respected for her willingness to ‘speak truth to power,’ communicating frankly and courageously about what she sees for others and the world at large.

Fiona is a graduate of Oxford University, with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences. She also holds an MSc in Project Management, was awarded a lean six sigma Greenbelt by Rolls-Royce, and has completed numerous leadership certifications. She has Qualified Teacher Status in the UK and is recognized as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.