Cross-Company Programs

Contribution Through Collaboration

Through our Cross-Company Programs we bring together women from various organizations, industries, and backgrounds to network, share insights, and support each other’s professional growth.

Together, we can amplify our voices, break down barriers, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Senior Leader Masterminds

No Woman Leading Alone

While researching ways Leading Ladies Of… could support women in expanding their leadership we were met with the question, ‘What about me. I’m a woman at the top, who mentors me?’ From our extensive network of female leaders in aerospace it became alarmingly clear that many women are operating as an island – unaware of the plethora of female business owners and senior leaders operating in the industry. So we are setting about addressing that gap that senior women face in mentorship and are creating ways leading women can support each other and learn from leaders beyond their existing sphere of influence.

Peer Champion Groups

Turn ‘Hope’ Into ‘How’

Have you ever walked into a meeting and wished there were more women in the room? Or perhaps you ask yourself, ‘Where on earth do I find advice or a mentor?’ when there’s so few of us in in the first place. Maybe you’ve wondered, ‘Is it like this in other companies? How do I deal with this latest challenge?’ There is strength in numbers. Collectively we can get more seats at the table. It’s time to be the change you want to see.

Have you climbed that ladder? Broke that ceiling? Did you make it to the top and feel alone? Senior Leader Masterminds has helped connect me with other women in executive roles that I can bounce ideas off, get advice from, and become a better leader myself. True power women, powering women!

Rachel McKay
VP Power Operations, Overwatching Imaging

“Friendship, compassion, and empowerment. Together we will change a culture.”

Rachel McKay
VP Power Operations, Overwatching Imaging

I love that it’s a supportive environment for women in male dominated fields where you can share your experiences, learn from others, and lift each other up.

Divya Ratsanami
Software Developer, ProShop ERP


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Senior Leader Masterminds


Mentor Masterminds are open to Small to Medium Enterprise Founders, company Presidents / CEOs, & Vice Presidents of larger companies. We will also consider the opportunity for one male ally at a senior level, and one woman outside of the ‘typical’ industry ecosystem to join the mastermind, on the basis of offering additional perspectives and creating more allies in the industry.


  • Stronger Networks
  • Personal & Professional Growth
  • Increased Level of Success
  • Enhanced Understanding Between OEMs and SMEs

How It Works

  • Monthly virtual sessions, each 90 minutes, 6-8 participants
  • Each session includes teaching, ‘hot-seating’ and solutions, accountability reviews
  • Guided and facilitated by a highly credentialed coach with a background in the industry
  • Optional second session quarterly for members of all operating masterminds to attend
  • Optional annual retreat (additional fee)
  • 1:1 Goal setting coaching session – month 1
  • 1:1 Mid-year coaching review – month 6
  • Complimentary PCG place to reach back through the glass ceiling and lift others
  • Complimentary pass to annual summit

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Peer Champion Groups

Peer Champion Groups turn ‘hope’ into ‘how.’ Leading Ladies’ Peer Champion Groups (PCGs) are for professionals looking for collaboration and camaraderie, wherever they are in their career journey. Leading Ladies’ PCGs are created for different industry sectors and provide a place for people to come together in a confidential environment, where they can speak openly with people outside of their company about their challenges and achievements in the workplace and beyond. Meeting monthly, these groups provide a forum for people to meet virtually, reveal their aspirations and goals, hold each other accountable, share knowledge and experience, and use the collective network and resources of the group to advance one another. Leading Ladies provides a roadmap of topics to be addressed, facilitation, exercises, and guidance, enabling the group to break further through the glass ceiling.


For a nominal monthly fee, members of our PCGs get:

  • Accountability to achieve their goals
  • Guided group activities on both professional and personal objectives
  • Courageous Leadership: Brave Hearts, Bold Voices, Big Change – The Workbook
  • Complimentary access to the annual Leading Ladies summit


  • More confidence, compassion and courage
  • An expanded network & access to resources
  • Feeling supported, AND help others in the process
  • Perspectives & experience beyond your company culture
  • A group of industry peers that has your back & is rooting for your success

How It Works

  • Monthly virtual meetings; optional activities to complete during the month
  • Max 10 per group (up to 9 women & 2 male allies)
  • A dynamic range of backgrounds & sectors
  • A complementary mix of career levels, from entry level through to VP & C-Suite
  • Confidential environment; no two people from the same company