Lessons From A Leading Lady

Keynote Speaker on Courageous Leadership and Allyship as powerful ways to secure company futures.

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Thought-Provoking, Witty and Powerful

Keynote Speaker Fiona McKay

Fiona McKay is an in-demand courageous leadership specialist, trainer and keynote speaker.  Fiona is redefining leadership for the new decade; embracing heart, resilience, conviction and integrity to engage teams, create change, accelerate productivity and increase sales.

Fiona’s experience in both business and speaking on stages translates into a compelling experience for any audience.   She integrates the principles of coaching, allyship, and business acument to motivate and inspire ‘future-proof’ leadership skills.  She has spoken to various business and non-profit sectors and is able to tailor her speaking to meet the needs and goals of both the event organizers and audience. Her keynotes are  described as thought-provoking, high energy, bold, and inspirational.

Fiona’s Signature Talks Include

Defining Courageous Leadership

Finding The Courage To Be An Ally

Courage Is Your Competitive Advantage

Courageously Recovering From Failure

Women Are Good For Business: The ROI For Gender Parity

Who Needs To Hear Fiona’s Message?

Corporate Audiences

The sustained success of organizations ultimately relies on their ability to fuel and maintain their human potential.  Leadership, passion for the mission, and the ability to embrace change are essential ingredients for a successful team.  Fiona has a unique ability to inspire this in spades, leaving your audience talking for weeks to come.

Women’s Leadership Groups

As an advocate for women throughout her entire career, and as a woman who has successfully broken through the glass ceiling, Fiona speaks candidly about her career experience, overcoming barriers to success, inter-gender communication, and developing the confidence to be bold in business.

Organizations That Recognize They Need To Embrace Diversity

The past few years have been pivotal for organizations to embrace the need to change the face of the workforce.  As a passionate advocate for both diversity and the bottom line, Fiona is able to engage business leaders to recognize the link between the two, the need for intentional diversity, and how to overcome resistance from those who fear the change ahead

Anyone Serious About Bringing Their A-Game to Life & Business

Fiona has a successful track record of transforming good leaders into extraordinary leaders.  Through the principles of brave heart, bold voice, big change, Fiona inspires audiences to advance to their next level.  As a true believer that anything is possible, Fiona will shine a light on the possibility and potential you might not see for yourself.

I recently had the opportunity to book Fiona as a speaker and wow! She really connected with our audience and was able to deliver an impactful presentation that helped the audience go through some very transformative content. I’d highly recommend Fiona for any type of speaking engagement if you are looking for someone that can connect on a very deep level. I’m really looking forward to the next project to work on with Fiona

Howard Hale

ManifesGo Digital Marketing Agency

If you haven’t met Fiona yet, you are missing a strategic piece of your career puzzle! Fiona’s creativity is just out of this world, she can turn good into amazing with her relentless energy and by bringing the right teams together. A great example of her many accomplishments was the PNAA Annual Aerospace Conference which she took to a whole different level and is now recognized around the World.

Amandine Noel Crabtree

Washington State Department of Commerce

Fiona has been a repeat speaker at our organization’s annual industry event. She is fabulous to work with, extremely organized, and detail oriented in her preparation. On stage she commands the audience, keeping attendees attentive and engaged. Fiona brings a dynamic delivery, fierce spirit, and passion to her presentations. We have been privileged to work with her.

Catherine Filippini

British American Business Connections