Keynote speaker on courageous leadership and allyship as powerful ways to secure company futures.

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Unleash Your Courage & Challenge the Status Quo

Fiona Mckay’s Speaker Reel

Fiona McKay is an in-demand courageous leadership specialist, trainer, and keynote speaker. Fiona is redefining leadership for the new decade; embracing heart, resilience, conviction, and integrity to engage teams, create change, accelerate productivity, and increase sales.

Fiona’s business experience, success in coaching executives, and speaking on stage translate into a compelling experience for any audience. She integrates the principles of coaching, allyship, and business acumen to motivate and inspire ‘future-proof’ leadership skills.

She has spoken to various business and non-profit sectors and can tailor her speaking to meet the needs and goals of both the event organizers and the audience. Her keynotes are described as thought-provoking, high-energy, bold, and inspirational

Whether your organization is stuck in the status quo, or you simply want your employees to step up and boldly embrace their leadership potential, Fiona has the key to opening the floodgates,

Business Leaders Inspired by Fiona McKay

PBExpo 2023 was designed to challenge the status quo. Fiona brought her knowledge and expertise to help people reach their A-game. Everyone was engaged and walked away feeling empowered to go forward and take risks and make connections with people they normally wouldn’t. Having Fiona was an absolute pleasure and I think everyone should have her at their show!

Karly Speros


I recently had the opportunity to book Fiona as a speaker and wow! She really connected with our audience and was able to deliver an impactful presentation that helped the audience go through some very transformative content. I’d highly recommend Fiona for any type of speaking engagement. If you are looking for someone who can connect on a very deep level. I’m really looking forward to the next project to work on with Fiona.

Howard Hale


We booked Fiona to speak at our Women, Wine & Wisdom event, hosted for local women business leaders. She spoke about why women are good for business and knocked it out of the park. Her vibrant personality, creative use of humor, and expertise kept our audience engaged, involved, and plenty to talk about in the subsequent networking. I highly recommend working with her!

Melissa Potter


Fiona has helped me tremendously both in business and in personal life. Her one on one coaching helped change my mindset and I have just finished in the top 1% of my company for sales. Her coaching has helped me be a more effective leader, lead a happier life, and achieve higher levels than I thought was even possible. Thanks Fiona for taking the time and the personal touch!

Chris Jones


Fiona inspires confidence and willingness to do more in other people. I’ve witnessed regular people do extraordinary things with a slight, strategic push from Fiona. She uses her voice for others who might not be willing to use theirs. I think this may be Fiona’s strongest point. Tough subjects and conversations – necessary conversations – happen with her as the catalyst.​

Jason Raaum

We brought Fiona out to speak because this show was all about innovation and disruption. Fiona’s keynote was very energetic and the crowd was very much engaged. Her topic reached everyone and was inspirational for men, women, those working the front lines, and executives.

Jeff Jerge

Fiona’s Signature Talks Include

Defining Courageous Leadership

Finding The Courage To Be An Ally

Courage Is Your Competitive Advantage

Courageously Recovering From Failure

Women Are Good For Business: The ROI For Gender Parity

Thought-Provoking, Witty, and Powerful

Keynote Speaker, Fiona McKay

  • High-Energy & Engaging Female Keynote
  • Experienced Business Professional
  • Compelling Storyteller
  • Actionable Advice
  • >26,000 Followers on LinkedIn

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Who Needs To Hear Fiona’s Message?

Organizations That Want To Embrace Inclusive Leadership

The past few years have been pivotal for organizations to embrace the need to change the face of the workforce. As a passionate advocate for both inclusion and the bottom line, Fiona is able to engage business leaders to appreciate the business imperative for intentional diversity, and help them to overcome objections from those resisting the change ahead

Anyone Serious About Bringing Their A-Game to Life & Business

Fiona has a successful track record of transforming good leaders into extraordinary leaders. Through the principles of brave heart, bold voice, big change, Fiona inspires audiences to advance to smash through their glass ceilings, and shines a light on the possibility and potential people might not see for themselves.

Corporate Audiences

The sustained success of organizations ultimately relies on their ability to fuel and maintain their human potential. As Aristotle first stated, ‘Courage is the first virtue,’ and it is the trait that enables all others to be utilized to their full potential. Fiona has a unique ability to inspire courage in spades and help people to understand that it’s not just for superheroes, leaving your audience talking for weeks to come, and the tools to unleash it.

Women’s Leadership Groups

As an advocate for women throughout her entire career, and as a woman who has successfully broken through the glass ceiling, Fiona speaks candidly about her career experience, overcoming barriers to success, gender intelligence, and developing the confidence to be bold in business. This has inspired a global following of over 27,000 on LinkedIn who follow and support Fiona in her mission to create more women leaders.

Fiona’s Signature Talks

Defining Courageous Leadership

A lack of courage can be costly to an organization, yet it’s not a skill that leaders are paying attention to. Human nature and the desire to be liked is hurting our ability to meet today’s workplace challenges, and courage is the key to overcoming this. Fortunately, courage is not just something we are born with – it can be cultivated.

In this keynote, Fiona shares the concepts of courageous leadership and the cultural changes required to cultivate it. Leave with a commitment to up-level your own courage, an enhanced ability to identify other courageous leaders, and tools to create more courage in your organization.

Courage Is Your  Competitive Advantage

Time and time again courageous companies emerge from the shadows and disrupt established business sectors that are crippled by a narrow focus on how things should be done. But courage isn’t just for startup environments, it’s something we all can embrace.

In this keynote, Fiona challenges the conventional ways we think about courage, and demonstrates how it’s a well kept secret of those companies with a competitive advantage. Through personal and real-world examples, statistics and practical insights, Fiona provides the roadmap for individuals and organizations to embrace and cultivate courage, enabling them to succeed in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Finding The Courage To Be An Ally

Allyship is an invaluable business asset as it cultivates an inclusive environment, utlimatelydriving innovation and business success. However, there’s not enough of it – because either people don’t know how, or are still to find the courage to get started.

In this keynote, Fiona urges the audience to muster their courage and offers actionable steps for impactful allyship. By focusing on authenticity, listening to hear, empathy, and meaningful connections Fiona empowers the audience to self-reflect in non-judgmental ways, challenge bias through constructive conversations, and commit to an ingoing and intentional allyship journey.

Courageously Recovering From Failure

In a world often defined by success, the journey of recovering from failure requires profound courage. Major mistake are sometimes made, but this does not mean the end for an employee or project. As more businesses embrace the ‘fail forward’ mentality, employees can feel at odds between the company line and their social conditioning. Embracing failure is no easy feat.

This keynote explores resilience, delving into stories of individuals who transformed setbacks into triumphs. It emphasizes cultivating a resilient mindset, learning from failures, and using adversity as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Fiona encourages the audience to embrace failure with courage, adapt to change, and find strength in vulnerability, ultimately reclaiming success through innovation.

Women Are Good For Business:

The ROI For Gender Parity

Today, women run companies, lead countries, and make significant contributions to our world. Still, many female professionals are the minority at the table. This was especially the case as we emerged from the pandemic. However, we are at a pivotal moment in history and the world can no longer ignore this fact: Women Are Good For Business.

This interactive keynote explores why there has been no better time to be a female leader or business owner, ways in which this paradigm must be optimized by women – and the businesses they work for – and how individuals can find the courage to smash their own glass ceilings.

Think this conversation is just for women? Think again, in mixed audiences, we make a case for how men benefit from the advancement of women and how they can play a part in creating an environment where it’s not men versus women, but everyone rising.

What Our Clients Have Said About Us

Top Reasons To Work With Fiona

 White Glove Experience: Fiona is easy to work with and solely focused on making your event ultra-successful. She is supported by a top-notch team that gets to know your needs and revels in the details.

Event Promotion: Fiona regularly helps her clients to promote their event, whether it be through a pre-meeting video or collaborating on a social media plan. She can also promote to her >26k followers on LinkedIn.

High Energy & Inspiring: Whether an opening or closing keynote, Fiona’s passion and contagious energy will inspire and fire-up your audience, leaving your event ready to make things happen.

Tangible Learning & Sustainable Impact: Motivation and inspiration is a given, but that’s not enough – actionable advice is key. Your audience will leave with meaningful tools that can be immediately applied.

Unmatched Business & Personal Development Experience: Fiona’s business experience coupled with her corporate facilitation and executive coaching enable her to offer a unique bridge between self-development and business mastery.

Offstage Engagement: Fiona makes a point to participate in your event off-stage to get to know your attendees and further their engagement. This includes attending other sessions, offering a Q&A, even social events.

Relatable: Fiona is an extremely relatable, down-to-earth person. She comes from the heart and enjoys getting to know each audience. Between her life experiences and the stories she shares, your audience will resonate.

Unique Perspective: Fiona is a businesswoman and an underdog…not a Navy Seal, a politician, a pilot, or a former pro-athlete. She has mastered both the business and personal development worlds and brings an international perspective to her keynotes, being British but with 10+ years of experience in the USA.

Engaging & Interactive: Fiona encourages audience participation in her keynotes through live-exercises and audience feedback, ensuring they retain more of the message and impact.