Foundations Of Male Allyship


Clear The Fog & Become An Intentional Ally

Are you concerned about an inclusive culture in your workplace? Do you want to be a better ally, and help to create more male allies in your organization?

The Foundations of Male Allyship Workshop is for you.

The Foundations of Male Allyship Workshop is a two-to-four hour interactive workshop, leaving participants with a better understanding of – and compassion for – women’s experience in the workplace, and an ‘allyship toolkit’ to drive inclusivity within and between teams. The intention of the workshop is to welcome men into the conversation and support them to transition from being a bystander to being an intentional ally. It also serves as a gateway to more further allyship training and discussions your company may wish to have in the future.

The workshop is intentionally led by both a male and female facilitator, both experienced leading organizations, challenging the status quo, and having walked the talk when it comes to being an ally.

We run the sessions as private workshops for companies and run 2-hour community sessions 2-4 times per year.

“It was great to learn other perspectives that I did not understand previously.”

“This workshop should be conducted for all employees. It’s a fantastic workshop, really thought-provoking!”

“I liked that it wasn’t preachy. It was informative and eye-opening.”

“The moderators were great. I like that they used their real life experiences to drive lessons throughout the workshop.”

What To Expect

2-4 Hour Virtual Workshop Options

Training & Breakout Activities

Male Allyship Toolkit

Tailored to an audience of 20-30 Participants

Learning Outcomes

  1. The professional and personal business case for allyship
  2. Transitioning from a passive to intentional ally
  3. Identifying and overcoming ‘accidental exclusion’
  4. Tools and strategies for putting allyship into action
  5. Overcoming resistance to allyship

Meet The Trainers

Fiona McKay is a business leader, global female keynote speaker, award-winning trainer & executive coach, specializing in courageous leadership, allyship and women’s advocacy. Sponsored by multiple fortune 500 companies, Fiona has created a network with 1000s of Leading Ladies & allies. She is recognized for her expertise and innovation in breaking down barriers and creating high-integrity environments. With her roots in aerospace, including a long tenure at Rolls-Royce, she helps organizations and individuals to use bravery and boldness to drive big change.

Fiona McKay, MA MSc PCC

Jim Macleod has moved into a career of leadership development and coaching after 33 years’ of service in the Royal Navy; retiring as a Rear Admiral. He now works across a range of roles which include supporting global leadership development programs, delivering executive coaching, and providing consulting support for organizational and executive team transformation. Jim is an award-winning gender and inclusivity ally, and regularly speaks on inclusive leadership, transformational leadership and on the power of senior male leaders.

Ret. Rear Admiral Jim Macleod, CB CVO MSc MA ACC

Men often point to a lack of awareness or a fear of saying the wrong thing as excuses for not being allies with women in the workplace. During this workshop, the presenters provided recent examples of gender bias and shared specific ways to intervene. We left the session better equipped to advocate for change and move from well-intentioned bystanders to active allies.

Maddie DiGristina, SRC, Diversity and Inclusion Director

I thought the Male Allies workshop was a great way to promote awareness and provide tools and strategies for being a better ally in real-world situations. Ms. McKay and Admiral Macleod were engaging, inviting, and very open about their own experiences.

Alexander Dunckle, SRC, Sr Business Area Manager, Defense Systems & Sensors

Learn More

Private Workshops


Companies looking to increase employee engagement, retention and productivity.

Employees interested in transitioning from bystanders to intentional allies for women colleagues.

Employee resource groups and DEI councils seeking to expand allyship programs & include more men.

Host a Private Workshop

  • Grounded in real-world lived experiences, proven allyship program implementation, and latest research.
  • Led by seasoned workplace professionals, not academics – offering a practical yet differentiated perspective.
  • Inclusive training environment with recommended 75% men and 25% women participants.
  • Male-female facilitator pair, both certified executive coaches adept at driving productive gender conversations.
  • Explores how men and women can jointly champion allyship for an equitable culture.
  • Available virtual and in-person. In-person workshops are based on availability and accomodations.

Community Workshops

Next Workshop: May 23, 2024 | 9AM PST- 11AM PST | Virtual


Men who want to level up their allyship game & become better allies.

Companies interested in hosting a workshop & want to get a taste first.

Women who want to support male allyship in their workplace.

Join Professionals from Across Industries

  • Participating with professionals from various industries enables cross-pollination of perspectives.
  • Delivers the same high caliber content and experience as private company workshops.
  • Companies are encouraged to bring multiple male attendees to maximize impact.
  • Up to 25% of participants can be women to foster mutual understanding.
  • Minimum number of attendees required to run the session.