Embrace your A-Game :

Lessons from a Leading Lady


Keynote speaker, trainer, & coach in Courageous Leadership

Fiona McKay is an international keynote speaker, trainer & coach in courageous leadership.  She helps organizations and individuals to use the power of the 3B’s – Brave Heart, Bold Voice, Big Change – to access their A-Game.  She has a unique ability to see the unmet potential others cannot see and is a steadfast stand for change.

International Coaching Federation
University Of Manchester
Parker Aerospace
University Of Manchester

Fiona has helped me tremendously both in business and in personal life. Her one on one coaching helped change my mindset and I have just finished in the top 1% of my company for sales. Her coaching has helped me be a more effective leader, lead a happier life, and achieve higher levels than I thought was even possible. Thanks Fiona for taking the time and the personal touch!

Chris Jones

Agency Owner, State Farm

Fiona inspires confidence and willingness to do more in other people. I’ve witnessed regular people do extraordinary things with a slight, strategic push from Fiona. She uses her voice for others who might not be willing to use theirs. I think this may be Fiona’s strongest point. Tough subjects and conversations – necessary conversations – happen with her as the catalyst.​

Jason Raaum

Director, Collins Aerospace

If you want someone to galvanize your team with inspiration and tenacity, Fiona is your woman!  Fast-paced, insightful, funny, warm and engaging are her key strengths. You won’t regret carving out time from the day-to-day grind to supercharge your team!

Cynthia Gulick

Medical Director & Physician, Southwest Family Physicians