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Produced By A Leading Lady

Many people in the A&D world have been affected by the impact of 2020 on the industry, and we have got to know a lot of Leading Ladies that have been challenged with seeking a new path. Leading Lady Carrie Wiege took the challenge head on and started her own merchandise business.  Leading Ladies Of… is proud to partner with this inspirational lady to bring to you our Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace, Leading Ladies Of… Defense, and Badass merchandise.   Please consider supporting Carrie and the Leading Ladies Of.. community and get the word out to celebrate the amazing women in this industry. T-shirts in a range of styles, coffee mugs, tumblers and face masks are currently on the menu. You can choose your logos and messaging from our range. And male allies, there’s something there for you too!

If you’re looking for merchandise for your company, Carrie comes with my highest recommendation. Excellent quality, great customer service, all backed by a lady with a huge heart.

Some of Our Amazing Gear!

Leading Ladies In Their Gear!