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Fiona is an experienced “conference architect” and has refined the art of creating an unforgettable experience by integrating her understanding of what motivates, engages, and inspires an audience, with her creativity, extensive network, project management background, and business acumen. She excels in both virtual and in-person events.

Fiona is also available to consult and strategize with you on creating your own events that pertain to leadership, engagement, diversity, celebrating success, and inspiring people to do more for themselves and others. To learn more please contact to schedule a short briefing.

This was truly an awesome event and I believe sets a new bar for how summits can deliver amazing business advice and information with a typical level of heart and authenticity that you don’t see in typical events.

Paul Van Metre

Co-Founder, ProShop ERP

We had 8 women attend from Hytek Finishes. And I am not joking when I say this is the best conference I’ve been to in a decade! I was very impressed with the lineup of speakers and the quality of content.

Allison Urbas

VP Human Resources, Hytek Finishes

If you haven’t met Fiona yet, you are missing a strategic piece of your career puzzle! Fiona’s creativity is just out of this world, she can turn good into amazing with her relentless energy and by bringing the right teams together. A great example of her many accomplishments was the PNAA Annual Aerospace Conference which she took to a whole different level and is now recognized around the World.

Amandine Noel-Crabtree

Aerospace International Trade Specialist, Washington State Department of Commerce

Attending The Leading Ladies of Aerospace Submit 2020 was incredibly inspriing. In these difficult times that we are facing, it was refreshing to see so many people share the same passion as me! I learned to not be afraid to be a leading lady. That by coming together WE can make an IMPACT on so many lives.

Jessica Lima

Creator of Customer Opportunities, MECKO Group