Glassbreaker Awards

Do you know people who are exceptional at ‘Walking The Talk?’ The Glass Breaker Awards celebrate those going above and beyond to advance diversity in the workplace. We’re going to shine a light on those who are willing to take action in difficult situations, even when there’s risk to themselves in doing so.


You can nominate for any of the four following awards on (see descriptions below) up until April 15th, and the Leading Ladies Of… advisory group will review the nominations and select the winners, who will be announced at the April 25th Summit.

Remember: not everyone is vocal and visible in their actions to promote gender parity. If someone has taken significant action for you quietly, and maybe even has no idea they have had such a big impact on you, please still consider nominating them.

Glass Breaker of the Year

This award recognizes a woman that has taken a giant leap in her career this year, taking on a role that has stretched her significantly; one that others may shy away from. She may have faced challenges in this new role, but she has persevered with grit and grace, forging a new path for the women behind her.

Sisterhood Award

This award recognizes a woman that has gone above and beyond to support the women around them to develop in confidence and take courageous action. She collaborates with others both internal and external to her company, recognizing we can advance DE&I faster when we team up together.

Advocate Of The Year

This award recognizes those that work tirelessly – and often voluntarily – to ensure women have the opportunity to gather and create a sense of belonging and advance inclusivity in the workplace. They have helped move the needle for diversity by driving Employee and Business Resource Group activities in their workplace, enhancing. opportunities for women.

Male Ally Of The Year

This award recognizes an ally who has taken significant action for women in the workplace. They’ve been outspoken in transforming workplaces to be more welcoming of women, advocated for the advancement of women, and recognize that it’s not men versus women – it’s ensuring ALL can rise.

Nominate Now

Nominiations with very short explanations will not be considered.